Spring Membership Meeting

CODAA’s Spring Membership Meeting was held on April 17, 2019 in SRC 2131 from 2:30 to 4:30 p.m.  After refreshments, President Cheryl Baunbach-Caplan opened the meeting by introducing the other newly CODAA officers in attendance:  Sue Dreghorn, Secretary; Steve Mecker, Treasurer; Bonniejean Alford, VP-Policy; Sabeeha Shariff, VP-Operations; Rob Robson, Membership Chair; Bill Enright, Legislative Chair; Theresa Misher, Communications Chair; and Mike Dusik, IEA Regional Council Representative.  Other 2019-2020 CODAA officers are Debbie Rogers-Green, Grievance Chair and Joe Trahey, IEA Regional Council Representative.  After presentations by Dr. Curtis-Chavez, Provost, and Jim Bente, VP-Planning and Institutional Research, CODAA’s 2019-2020 budget was presented and voted on.  It was approved.


Dr. Curtis-Chavez presented updates on Pathways and the Strategic Enrollment Management two-year success goals (of which Pathways is an integral part)  for special populations; e.g., African-American and Latino; completion rates in developmental college math and English; and overall enrollment—Fall to Fall and Fall to Spring Persistence; i.e., how many students continue. The goal here is to increase Fall to Fall by 1,000 more students and Fall to Spring by 1,250.   In addition to Advisors and Counselors, Pathway Navigators have been hired.


Jim Bente, gave an overview of the COD student who ranges in age from 18 to 55+; 45% of the students are 19-24 years old. Eleven % are returning and 22% are new.  There are more females (68%) than male (32%).  Our enrollment of Asian, Black, Hispanic, and white student percentages parallel area schools—white  (50-56%) and Hispanic (20-26%) are the largest groups. Most classes are taught on the main campus (74%). Enrollment is down, but not as far down as area schools.  Currently, in a relatively healthy economy, its primary competition is out of state schools which are offering in state tuition to out of state students. Typically, when the economy is not doing well, enrollment at COD increases.


Before and inbetween presentations, Bonniejean awarded raffle prizes.  At the conclusion of the meeting, Mike, Cheryl, and Rob emphasized how important it was for each active member to reach out to other CODAA members who are not yet active to encourage them to become dues paying members.  Our strength to advocate for important adjunct issues is in the number of active members.


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