Results of College Contingency Plan Vote

TO:	Mark Curtis-Chavez, Provost
FROM:	Cheryl Baunbach-Caplan, CODAA President
RE:	Membership Vote on College’s Contingency Plan Offer
DATE:	August 15, 2019

CODAA members voted overwhelmingly to reject the College’s contingency plan offer, in the event that the full-time faculty go on strike.

CODAA has reminded its members that they must honor the fall assignments to which they have already committed at our membership meeting, by email, and on our CODAA website.

CODAA demands that the College will honor our contract and will not offer the higher compensation and benefits to non-CODAA members. According to Section XIV Remuneration “No non-represented Part-time Teaching Faculty member will be paid a credit hour rate that exceeds the lowest credit hour rate for bargaining unit members…”

Additionally, the College will not make the offer to CODAA members, nor pressure them in any way to take on courses that would have been taught by the full time faculty.

If our contract is not honored, CODAA will take all necessary legal action.

Statements by CODAA President and V.P. to the Board of Trustees, 8/15/19.

Statement by CODAA President Cheryl Baunbach-Caplan

Statement by CODAA Vice President for Policy Bonniejean Alford

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