CODAA Accomplishments

Contract Accomplishments

  • With its first contract, CODAA raised the salaries of all PT Faculty at COD 25% from 2000 to 2005.
  • With its second contract, CODAA not only raised salaries again, but also implemented step-pay for union members.
  • With its third contract (2009-2011), CODAA negotiated another pay raise for bargaining unit members.
  • The 2009-2011 contract provides for Professional Development Reimbursement funds of up to $260.00 for each eligible CODAA member to be used towards memberships, conferences, publications, etc…
  • Also in 2009, Extra Duty Assignment Compensation (at a rate of $26.00/hour, with administrative pre-approval) was negotiated for CODAA Members who serve on College committees such as the Shared Governance Council.

Institutional Accomplishments

  • When allowable Part-Time hours were cut to two-thirds of a normal load during the Fall 2008 semester, CODAA’s Board President, Mike Dusik, successfully worked with the Board to restore the allowable load of all individual Part-Time Faculty members to 80% of a normal load.  CODAA was successful in accomplishing this without disrupting the gains made by English Composition Part-Time Faculty of 21 allowable credit hours.
  • Itemized paychecks — finally! — in 2007.
  • In Fall 2006 semester, under CODAA President Peter Consolazio, CODAA facilitated the renovation and expansion of IC-2070, The Part-Time Faculty Center.  This expansion included the addition of computers in both IC-2070 and IC-2074 for the exclusive use of PT Faculty.
  • The PT Faculty Recognition Program now includes a college-wide Outstanding Part-Time Faculty Award chosen by students and faculty.
  • PT Faculty are now invited to be part of graduation ceremonies, a practice instituted in 2004.