Union Membership Basics

CODAA, as the voice for PT Faculty on campus, strives to represent the interests and improve working conditions for all PT Faculty at College of DuPage, regardless of union status.

While all PT Faculty are eligible to join CODAA as Local Members and to contribute actively in various capacities to the organization, not all PT Faculty are eligible for contract coverage, i.e. to become a member of the Bargaining Unit.  There are eligibility requirements to become a full member of CODAA.

Bargaining Unit Members (known as CODAA Members, or sometimes BUMs) are covered under the CODAA Contract and are added automatically once an instructor has met the basic eligibility requirements.  Current eligibility requirements are as follows:

    • According to the 2011-2015 contract, an eligible candidate must be a part-time instructor, counselor, or adviser who teaches credit courses.
    • Additionally, they must have 3 years of back-to-back teaching (at COD) with 12 credit hours spread over both semesters in the 3rd academic year, exclusive of Summers. The number of hours taught in the 1st and 2nd year do not matter.
    • When an instructor meets the basic eligibility requirements, they are automatically added to the bargaining unit in the Fall term.  Dues deductions will occur automatically from paychecks in October for those teaching  in 16-week or 1st 8-week sessions and December for those teaching only 2nd 8-week session.
    • In order to maintain Membership in the union from year to year, Members must teach at least 6 eligible credit hours per year, excluding  Summers.
    • In order to re-qualify for union membership after having failed to meet the above maintenance requirements, instructors must teach at least 6 eligible credit hours each year for one academic year (excluding Summers).
    • CODAA Members who are covered by the contract are remunerated at a higher rate than PT Faculty who are not covered by the contract.

Click here for a description of the three CODAA Membership Categories.

Still have questions? Check out our Membership FAQ or Contact Us for more information.