Skeptical About Unions?

If you are an individual who is skeptical about unions in general, consider the following functions of a union for adjunct instructors.  CODAA strives to live up to these goals:

  • A faculty union advocates for students with more course sections, smaller class sizes, and better access to faculty.
  • The union provides all contingent faculty (directly or indirectly) representation and an effective voice for fairness in the workplace.
  • A strong union leads to better salaries, benefits, working conditions and more job security for contingent faculty.
  • Union representatives are always available to provide information to both members and non-members, and contract clarification and grievance support to members.
  • The union pushes for contracts that move towards the goal of contingent faculty doing equal work getting equal pay compared to other faculty. Without the faculty union, contingent faculty would have no way to negotiate for better salaries, working conditions and benefits.