Filing for Extra Duty Pay

Our contract allows adjuncts to be paid for non-teaching work performed for the college.

In instances where the Administration specifically requests or requires a
unit member’s attendance at a particular meeting, training, or event, the unit member
shall be compensated at $26 hour rate, with one (1) hour minimum and in 1⁄2 hour
increments for additional time over fifteen (15) minutes, for the time the particular
meeting training or event actually lasts. Individual unit members must be specifically
assigned and approved for compensation to qualify for additional monies as per this
paragraph. No adjunct faculty member can be compensated more than six hundred
twenty-four dollars ($624) for extra duty assignments in any fiscal year.

To receive compensation for extra duty work, complete the following two forms, which can be found on the InsideCOD portal:
logon to, then click on the “Forms” tab at the bottom of the right panel:

  1. Fill out “CODAA Extra Duty Assignments Pre-Approval” before your assignment.
  2. Fill out “Payment Request Form” after your assignment to get paid.