Filing for professional development reimbursement

Our contract allows CODAA members to be reimbursed for professional development activities.

The College will make available up to thirty thousand dollars ($30,000) per fiscal year for professional development reimbursement for CODAA members who are currently assigned to work. Professional Development funds are to be used for reimbursement of tuition, fees, conference registrations, seminars, membership dues, appropriate academic periodicals/subscriptions or one-half the costs for professional licenses that are required in the official hiring guidelines.

In addition, the College will allow up to one-hundred dollars ($100) of a faculty member’s Professional Development funds to be used for reimbursement of annual fees for employee membership at the Chaparral Fitness Center (currently two hundred forty dollars – $240).

Pre-approval for any request for reimbursement is required. Requests for reimbursement must be for expenses (as listed above) that are relevant to the faculty member’s assignment(s) at the College of DuPage. The College will approve or deny requests for reimbursement within ten (10) business days of receipt of requests for pre-approval by the appropriate Administrator. The CODAA member will provide appropriate documentation to support the expenditure prior to actual reimbursement. Forms will be available in Human Resources and on the College portal. No adjunct faculty member may request more than three hundred fifty dollars ($350) per person per year.

Note: For COD, the fiscal year ends on June 30.

Details of applying for reimbursement, including tuition waivers, can be found in the Adjunct Faculty Guidebook:

Necessary forms can be found on the InsideCOD portal: logon to at the link below: