Insurance Resources (Medical, Life, etc…)

Gaining access to affordable insurance of all types is a challenge faced by many adjuncts and contingents.  Below are some resources for CODAA and non-CODAA faculty alike:

NEA Dental/Vision/Life Insurance

CODAA Members who are also members of the IEA/NEA (called Active Members) are eligible for several different health and wellness insurance programs including vision and dental insurance.  Click here to learn more, and contact CODAA’s Membership Chair if you are interested in changing your CODAA Membership to become a member of the IEA/NEA to gain access to these benefits.

NOTE: Life insurance is complimentary with IEA/NEA Membership.  Learn more here.

New Faculty Majority Member Health Insurance

The New Faculty Majority, a national adjunct and contingent advocacy group, offers a limited medical indemnity insurance program to its members.  Learn more here.

Supplemental EEL (Educator Employment Liability) Program for Medical Arts

If you are an instructor of nursing/medical, physical therapy, dental hygiene, or athletic training, and an active member of CODAA and the IEA/NEA, you may qualify for enrollment in the EEL program offered through NEA.  Learn more here.