Fall 2018 CODAA Membership Meeting

CODAA held its Fall 2018 Membership meeting on August 15, 2018, with approximately 60 people in attendance. Highlights of the meeting included the unanimous approval of the 2018-19 CODAA budget, discussion of contract benefits, including right of assignment, and an explanation of the impact of the recent Supreme Court decision on Janus vs AFSCME. Ten formerly fair share members signed membership forms at the meeting and members had the opportunity to win donated door prizes, including the grand prize of an ipad mini. You may also view a video recording of the meeting posted on our youtube channel.

If you wish to become a full CODAA member or are unsure of your membership status, please contact Rob Robson at membership@codaa.org.

Proposed 2018-19 CODAA Budget

Members are asked to review the proposed CODAA budget and vote on it at our Membership Meeting on August 15, 2018, from 2:00-4:15 p.m. in 2131 SRC.   We are reducing the budget in some categories to reflect the recent Supreme Court decision regarding Fair Share.


Proposed FY2018-19 budget


CODAA Receives NEA/IEA Organizing Grant to Recruit, Welcome & Sign-up Members

CODAA recently received a $10,000 grant from the National Education Association (NEA) as part of the NEA Ed Summer organizing program to recruit, welcome, and sign-up new and formerly Fair Share members. Six CODAA members attended extensive training on July 12 and 13 to serve as Member Organizers. These are: Bonniejean Alford, (Sociology adjunct) Bill Enright (Political Science adjunct), Theresa Gant-Misher (English adjunct), Dorothy Hurlburt, (English adjunct), Loretta Pyrdek (English adjunct) and Stella Styrczula (CIS adjunct). Each Member Organizer will meet with bargaining formerly Fair Share bargaining unit members and newly eligible members between July 16 – August 31 to talk about the value of the union and the importance of supporting CODAA by signing a membership form. They will also be seeking to identify members who may serve as local leaders. Illinois is one of eighteen states to participate in the Ed Summer program.

CODAA would like to thank the National Education Association and the Illinois Education Association for their generous grant, which includes compensation for the Member Organizers. The grant proposal was developed by Michelle Gutierrez (NEA), Michelle Couturier (IEA), Cheryl Baunbach-Caplan (CODAA President) , and Bill Enright (Member Organizer and Group Leader). We would also like to thank all the IEA and NEA staff involved in the training and our dedicated Member Organizers for undertaking this important task.

Maintaining a strong membership is crucial in light of the recent decision by the Supreme Court in Janus vs AFSCME which overturned the almost 40 year precedent of being able to charge bargaining unit members “fair share” dues for the compensation and benefits they received. For more information, visit: https://ieanea.org/stronger-united/

Pictured from left to right (Stella Styrczula not pictured):

Back row: Mike Prehoda, IEA Canvasser; Theresa Gant-Misher, CODAA Member Organizer; Ambor Cottrell, Associate Staff; Bonniejean Alford, CODAA, Casey Anthony, IEA Organizer; Karen Moore, IEA organizer

Front Row: Bill Enright CODAA Member Organizer & Group Leader; Susan Thorson, IEA Intern; Dorothy Hurlburt, CODAA Member Organizer; Cheryl Baunbach-Caplan, CODAA President; Michelle Couturier, IEA UniServ Director; Loretta Pyrdek, CODAA Member Organizer

2018 CODAA Spring Membership Meeting

CODAA held its Spring Membership meeting on April 18, 2018.  About fifty members were in attendance to hear Dr. Rondeau, the results of the BIC Adjunct Office survey, resolution of the Grievance filed by CODAA on behalf of members regarding the Adjunct Availability form, IEA UniServ Director, Michelle Courturier, on the upcoming Supreme court decision on Janus, and other updates.  For those of you who were unable to attend, you can view the presentation and read the minutes here:


Meeting minutes


Bus Trips to the Workers Rally in Chicago, February 24, 2018

On Saturday, February 24th there will be a Workers Rally in Chicago at the Daley Plaza.

The IEA is doing this with IFT, AFSCME, and other unions.  There are buses from many different locations, including a bus leaving from Lombard! This is an important rally to show support of labor unions coming just prior to the Supreme Court Janus hearing.

For more info, call 844-IEA-1800 or visit: www.illinoiseducatorsactionnetwork.com/feb-24th-rally  Please come if you can!

CODAA Social – Be our Valentine!

Dear Members,

Please join us for snacks, networking, and a special CODAA Checklist on Wednesday, February 14th from 1-3 pm in BIC 2431.

CODAA valentine social

Call for Nominations for CODAA Officers and NEA Assembly Reps

Call for Nominations for CODAA Officers and NEA Assembly Reps

Nominations are due by midnight Feb 14th, 2018 for CODAA Officer positions and representatives to the NEA Assembly.

We encourage interested and dedicated members to consider running for any of these positions. See links below for the nomination forms. If you have any questions, please contact our elections chair, Rob Robson, at the CODAA office (BIC 2517) or phone 630-942-3604, or by email via election@codaa.org.


Your local union needs YOU!!!

Our election of local officers will occur on March 14th. We are currently seeking ACTIVE members like YOU! Bring Your Ideas, Talents & Experience for the betterment of our Working Conditions and Fiscal Security.

Positions open for Candidates are:

  • President
  • Vice President for Policy
  • Vice President for Operations
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Regional Council Representative (2)
  • Grievance Chair
  • Communications Chair
  • Membership Chair

All offices are for a period of ONE year. Executive Board meetings occur every month on the third Friday of the month, generally two hours long. Responsibilities for all positions require some time on campus, the amount of which is dependent on the position. There is remuneration associated with each position, according to the level of time commitment and responsibility. For a listing of the job description and responsibilities for each position, refer to the unit by-laws, or speak to a CODAA officer. You must be an IEA-NEA member to hold office.

CODAA Officer Job Descriptions

CODAA Officer Nomination Form 2018





Two delegates will be selected by an election to be held Tuesday March 14.

  • Candidate must be an IEA-NEA member of CODAA.
  • Winners will represent CODAA members and our interests at the various plenaries and group sessions.
  • Winners must make the commitment to go to Minneapolis and participate in both the daily IEA caucus and pertinent NEA sessions.
  • In the event the winner cannot go, the runner-up/alternate will assume the responsibilities.
  • The delegates will report (written or in person) on the activities and issues (such as resolutions, legislative platform and the NEA budget and bylaws) which are brought before the assembly to CODAA.
  • There are funds available from the unit and from the region to cover expenses.

NEA RA Nomination Form 2018


CODAA files grievance on Adjunct Availability form

On Wednesday, December 6th, CODAA filed a grievance on behalf of affected members over the electronic Adjunct Availability form. We shared the concerns many of you have regarding the inability of the form to adequately reflect your availability, campus/satellite location, and other information pertinent to requesting an assignment. While CODAA supports the use of an electronic availability form to facilitate the uniformity of the course assignment process across departments, which may permit earlier notification of assignments, we do not view the current form as being adequate, particularly as the language in our contract (insisted upon by the College) states:

“The College will determine faculty member availability based solely (emphasis added) on the information initially submitted on the College-provided availability sheet prior to the submission deadline.”

Election Announcement and Call for Nominations

Election Announcement and Call for Nominations

CODAA Delegates to the IEA Representative Assembly

Between November 15 and December 6, CODAA will be electing two delegates to the Illinois Education Association Representative Assembly. An RA Delegate serves as a channel of communication between members of the union and union leadership and represents the interests of the local at the Representative Assembly. The IEA Representative Assembly will meet March 30 to April 1 to consider a biennial budget, and act on resolutions, reports and recommendations from the IEA Board.

Who may serve as a RA Delegate?
Any active member of the CODAA bargaining unit in good standing may serve as a delegate to the Representative Assembly.

Who may nominate somebody?
Any active member of the CODAA bargaining unit in good standing may nominate any member of the CODAA bargaining unit. Individuals may nominate themselves.

To place a name in nomination, fill out the attached form and attach it to an email to election@codaa.org, or drop it off in the CODAA office, BIC 2517, by 6:00 PM, November 13 2017.

AT-Large Ethnic Minority Delegate
Between November 15 and December 6, Region 32 of the Illinois Education Association will be electing an At-Large Ethnic Minority Delegate for the IEA Representative Assembly.

To place a name in nomination, fill out the attached form and mail, fax or email it to the IEA Region 32 Naperville office. 3:00 PM on November 13, 2016.

Region 32 Elections Committee
IEA Naperville Office
1555 Bond Street, Suite 121
Naperville, IL 60563
Fax: (630) 369-1561

For more information contact Rob Robson at election@codaa.org.

IEA RA Nomination Form 2017

2017-2018 IEA RA At-Large Ethnic Minority Nomination Form

CODAA Fall Socials

Join us at one or more CODAA socials scheduled for this semester for an opportunity socialize with your colleagues and enjoy some refreshments.

  • Dinner with CODAA, Thursday, October 19th, 5:30-7:00 pm in BIC 2500
  • Breakfast with CODAA, Wednesday, November 8th, 8:00-9:30 am in HSC 2324
  • Lunch with CODAA, Tuesday, November 28th, 12:30-2:00 pm in BIC 2437

CODAA Fall Social Flyer

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